Mining listener logs

Arup Nanda’s examples for mining listener logs were incredibly useful today.  Definitely worth a look; it doesn’t take long to implement the basics from the first PDF listed.

We used this extensively in troubleshooting a connection storm-y application while the app admins tuned the web server config to fix the storms.


OGG-00360 Oracle GoldenGate 11.2: EXT TRAIL/FILE cannot be used with REPLICAT GROUP.

I assisted with a GoldenGate 11.1 -> 11.2 upgrade today. It was pretty hairy — a lot of small but important changes.  One thing I wanted to toss out here, because it cost me a few hours, is that there is a deprecation/error handling change missing from the GoldenGate 11.2 documentation. In previous versions, whether it paid attention to it or not, for REPLICAT we were able to have the EXTTRAIL command listed in both the initial setup (ie. using an obey file) AND in the PRM file. As of 11.2, if you have it listed in the PRM file, it gives you an error that is really difficult to understand (at least when you are under the mistaken impression that it HAS to be in the replicat’s prm file … clearly it does not).  (Also submitted this to Oracle Support as a suggested metalink note, since this OGG error is not searchable on their site.)

The error message is:

2012-05-18 09:52:32 ERROR OGG-00360 Oracle GoldenGate Delivery for Oracle, rohcsd41.prm: EXT TRAIL/FILE cannot be used with REPLICAT GROUP.

and the fix is:

Remove or comment out any EXTTRAIL commands in the PRM file. EXTTRAIL should be set with an earlier configuration command or in the obey file, not in the PRM file. (I’m assuming this has always been the case and in 11.2 they just decided to start throwing an error about this.)

Example from the .prm file:

–EXTTRAIL ./dirdat/myserver14/HCS/rohcsd41/e1