IOUG Collaborate – Tuesday morning

After yesterday’s maelstrom of learning, I never thought I’d say this, but felt like too many breaks today.  I get it – exhibitors need their time to talk to us – just champing at the bit for the next session.  🙂

Started the day with Arup Nanda and Performance Tuning in RAC.  Since we are moving away from RAC back to bigger servers, this was mostly for my own edification, and he didn’t disappoint.  Picked up a better understanding of the underpinnings of why certain RAC waits happen.  I had seen all of them before and had some idea of why they happened, researched them before, etc., but he was great at making the process very tangible.  Interesting tidbit: log file sync happens to store requested dirty block to disk on node that had the requested block … Rac calls for the sync.  Makes i/o important for these syncs (still need fast disk for at least redo).  Log flush waits could lead to buffer busy waits (flush before loading from disk to buffer)

Went to Tim Quinlan’s AWR workshop where he gave an intro to AWR, predominantly through sqlplus rather than EM, and then shared all of the scripts he has customized to create an ADDM/AWR based trending system.  Thanks Tim – now I know what I’m doing for my ‘special project’ / objective for the rest of the year.  Last year I built a bunch of SAN growth trending graphs in java for our oracle systems, as well as an ETL script in Perl to get the data from NMS and bring it into a central database so it could be graphed.  We already have cpu/memory/i/o trending via NMS and EM, and I have been wanting to add capacity reporting about more than just disk to my system, with more ‘meaning’ to it.  His AWR trending scripts seem like a great opportunity to expand what my system can do.

Shoutout to the Collaborate 10 planning committee for great vegetarian options.  I’m not a veggie but I prefer to eat veg if they’re around, and they have been tasty and have gone beyond the usual “here’s some pasta salad” fare.

More tonight after afternoon sessions.


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